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VPS Reseller

The best VPS reseller service at cheap, competitive prices and high quality. You can configure your requirements easily, starting from only €1 per month. Try it now, with a 50% discount to current our customers for one month.

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  • IP Management
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10Gb/s Uplink
  • SSD Storage
  • Linux
  • Full Control


Per Server!

+4 IPs

Per Server!



Hourly &


Budget-Friendly and Customizable

Pick the server features that match your needs without overspending on what you don't require. Check out the pricing tool below to choose your ideal server setup and see the estimated cost.Choose between paying every month or by the hour – whichever works better for you. Our friendly team is always ready to assist you in selecting the perfect plan for your business.

CPU RAM DISK Bandwidth Location Price
1 Core 1 GB 20GB 10GB/s
+18 Locations €4.5/Month Hourly/Monthly
1 Core 2 GB 20GB 10GB/s
+18 Locations €6.5/Month Hourly/Monthly
2 Core 2 GB 30GB 10GB/s
+18 Locations €12.7/Month Hourly/Monthly
2 Core 4 GB 40GB 10GB/s
+18 Locations €21/Month Hourly/Monthly
4 Core 4 GB 50GB 10GB/s
+18 Locations €30/Month Hourly/Monthly
2 Core 8 GB 50GB 10GB/s
+18 Locations €35/Month Hourly/Monthly
4 Core 8 GB 50GB 10GB/s
+18 Locations €44/Month Hourly/Monthly

Fully managed

Through the partnership with Virtualizor software we offer access to the platform for creating and managing VPS servers but also real statistics directly from the VPS reseller account.

CPU/ RAM availability

For any of the cloud VPS reseller plans we offer the possibility of automatic upgrade for both CPU and RAM. You will be able to use this option when you need more resources.

Up to 1000% faster

Compared to standard technologies, we have chosen to use powerful, state-of-the-art servers equipped with SSD storage. With this equipments but also connections on 40 Gb/s ports we offer the guarantee of I/O performance for VPS.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Because we like to have our own solutions but also not to depend on certain functionalities we have implemented our own cloud VPS hosting solution using Virtualizor control panel.

Get Started


You will have a control panel via Virtualizor, and we will provide you with a free module for the WHMCS in order to easily set up the packages and organize the invoices
Yes, it is compatible, and we will provide you with a free WHMCS module to add packages, and it supports PHP 7.4 and 8.1
Invoices Can Be Paid Online From The Client Account Using A Credit Card, PayPal and Bitcoin.
You can create an unlimited number of VPS, depending on your resources that you have.
Yes, We're Flexible, If The Payment Can't Be Made In Time (Due Date Of The Invoice), A Payment Deferment Can Be Obtained By Contacting The Support Department.
No, We don't allow
Yes, we allow, we're DMCA friendly.
Yes, you have full SSH Access in VPS
You can easily configure and increase the CPU, RAM, and storage during the purchase process. If you want more resources after the purchase process, you can contact us, and we will process your request.
You may obtain a refund of the amounts paid under the conditions set out on the Terms and Conditions page, Chapter 12.2 CANCELLATION POLICY section

Why choose VPS plans

If you're not 100% satisfied, we will refund you within 15 days. The process is smooth and risk-free.

affordable Prices &

Highly competitive Pricing and Fantastic Promotions monthly


Support via email, chat, tickets, calls & social media

Easy Setup &

Everything can be controlled from your control panel (restart, install OS, etc.).

Billing & Customer

Proven Automated Billing & Support management panels