YottaSrc Cloud! Affordable Hourly Cloud Servers in +50 Locations

YottaSrc's scalable cloud solution offers dedicated vCPU power, perfect for production workloads. With 50 global locations, our unique platform unites all datacenters into one seamless cloud experience.

Good news! 31/05/2024, The cloud has been completed, and the team is now testing it
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Explore the Distinct Features of YottaSrc Cloud:

Instant Access

Start using our cloud services immediately with a simple sign-up process and no documentation verification required. Get going with as little as 5 euros.

Global Accessibility

We welcome users from all countries, ensuring no restrictions based on geographic location. YottaSrc Cloud is truly international.

Unified Datacenters

YottaSrc stands out by integrating over 10 datacenters worldwide into one consolidated cloud platform, offering unparalleled accessibility and efficiency.

Global Reach, Local Presence

With locations in over 50 countries, YottaSrc provides a truly global service with the advantage of local data residency, optimizing latency and compliance.

IP Management

Enjoy full control over your IP addresses with the ability to add, change, or delete IPs according to your requirements.

Hourly Billing Flexibility

Our hourly billing model offers the flexibility to scale your resources up or down based on your current needs, ensuring cost-effective cloud management.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you with any queries or issues, ensuring your operations run smoothly at all times.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited bandwidth with YottaSrc, facilitating seamless data transfer and communication across your operations.

Operating Systems

Choose from a variety of operating systems to suit your needs, including popular options like Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, Debian, and others.

DDOS Protection

Our platform is fortified with advanced DDOS protection, safeguarding your operations against online threats and ensuring uninterrupted service.

Documentation & API

Use our simple API to add our cloud services to your site or app. Great for resellers, with special discounts.

Payment Options

Catering to all preferences, we accept a wide range of payment methods including crypto, PayPal, credit cards, Perfect Money, Payeer, Alipay, and more.

Affordable Cloud Services, No Hidden Fees

Experience top-quality cloud solutions at unbeatable prices with YottaSrc. Pay only for what you use, billed by the hour, perfect for short-term needs or testing. Get started immediately without any ID verification or minimum contract. Simple, transparent, and budget-friendly.

Coming Soon: YottaSrc Cloud Services & Pricing! Set to launch at the end of May 2024, our competitive cloud solutions are just around the corner. Stay tuned!

Your Cloud Journey with YottaSrc

Embark on a straightforward and efficient journey to cloud computing with YottaSrc. No complex setups or lengthy verifications – just a simple sign-up, quick project setup, and immediate launch. We make it easy for you to bring your cloud projects to life, allowing you to focus on what's important: building and growing your digital presence.

Sign Up & Fund

Just sign up using your email and add a minimum of $5. No document verification needed!

Build Your Project

Easily create your servers and projects in your preferred location with just one click.

Go Live

Your project is now live and operational, with hassle-free hourly billing.

Global Cloud Locations by YottaSrc

YottaSrc Cloud services are hosted in our own advanced datacenter and extended through our global network of partner facilities. Each location upholds the highest security standards, featuring video monitoring and sophisticated access control systems for maximum safety. We ensure top-tier data privacy and security. Our extensive network, including both YottaSrc and partner datacenters, spans crucial global points, offering fast, reliable connections across Western, Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe, and beyond. With YottaSrc, access a world of possibilities through our securely interconnected, compliant cloud infrastructure.


YottaSrc Cloud API

Empowering Integration and Automation

Well-Documented & User-Friendly

Dynamic Content Management

Seamless Integration with Tools and Services

Automate with Ease

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can not find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us or email us. We will answer you shortly!

General Questions

YottaSrc Cloud is an innovative platform merging the world's leading cloud services into one comprehensive, cost-effective solution. It combines the best of our datacenter and renowned partners for full management and unbeatable prices.

YottaSrc Cloud is set to launch between March and April 2024. We're gearing up to bring you an exceptional cloud experience!

No, there are no document requirements for registration. Simply sign up and get started!

We're proud to partner with leading cloud providers like Hetzner, kamatera, OVH, OneCloud, Ionos, MyLoc, and more. We're constantly working to extend our network to bring you the best.

Yes, our platform provides full IP management. You can add, change, or delete IPs as per your requirements.
Billing & Invoices

Our billing is primarily hourly, but you can opt for monthly billing for certain packages. This flexibility allows you to choose what best suits your needs.

Invoices are automatically generated when your funds are low. You will have 2–3 days to replenish your balance, ensuring continuous service.

Initially, there's a limit of 5 servers per user, but this can be easily increased via the dashboard as per your needs.

Yes, you can fund your account in advance, and charges will be deducted from your balance based on usage.

We offer competitive pricing, and special discounts may be available for long-term commitments. Keep an eye on our updates for more info.

You will not need it, because you will pay per second, per minutes, only for usage not monthly, but anyway, If you're not satisfied with our service, you can request a refund subject to our terms and conditions.

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