Assign a Floating/additional IP to Your VPS/Server via SSH

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Introduction: An Additional/Floating IP is a crucial component for ensuring high availability and failover for your server. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to assign a Floating IP to your server via SSH.

Prerequisites: Before you begin, ensure you have:

  1. Access to your server via SSH.
  2. An Additional/Floating IP address ready to be assigned.

Steps to assign an Additional/Floating IP via SSH:

Step 1: Access the Server via SSH, connect to your server via SSH using your preferred SSH client. Replace your-server-ip with your server's IP address. You can Also access via Putty, check this article from here.

ssh your-username@your-server-ip

Step 2: Create and Edit the Configuration File, Create a configuration file for the Additional/Floating IP. In this example, we'll use "60-addtioanl-ip.yaml," but you can choose any name you prefer.

nano /etc/netplan/60-addtioanl-ip.yaml

Step 3: Configure the Additional/Floating IP, Paste the following configuration into the editor. Replace your.addtioanl.ing.ip with your actual Additional/Floating IP address.

For IPv4:

        version: 2
        renderer: networkd
                - your.addtioanl.ing.ip/32

For IPv6:

        version: 2
        renderer: networkd
                - your.addtioanl.ing.ip/64

Step 4: Restart the Network, Caution: Restarting the network will briefly reset your network connection. Proceed with this step when you can afford a brief interruption.

sudo netplan apply

Conclusion: By following these steps, you've successfully assigned an Additional/Floating IP to your server via SSH. This provides flexibility and redundancy to your server configuration, ensuring it remains accessible even in case of hardware failures or planned maintenance.

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