How to Undo Changes on WordPress


There are a few ways to undo changes on WordPress, depending on the type of changes that have been made:

  1. Use the "Undo" function: If you've just made changes to a post or page, you can use the "Undo" function to revert to the previous version. This is typically found in the top-right corner of the editor.

  2. Use the "Revisions" feature: WordPress automatically saves revisions of your posts and pages, allowing you to compare and restore previous versions. Go to Posts > All Posts or Pages > All Pages, select the post or page you want to edit, and click on the "Revisions" button. This will open a page that shows the history of revisions, where you can compare and restore a previous version.

  3. Use the "WordPress Backup" plugin : This plugin allows you to backup your website, and restore it if something goes wrong. To use the plugin, you will need to install it, and then configure it to schedule backups of your website. In case something goes wrong, you can restore the backup and retrieve the previous version of your website.

  4. Use a version control system like Git: If you're comfortable using Git, you can use it to track changes to your site and revert to previous versions.

  5. Use JetBackup from your cPanel hosting.

It's worth noting that, before making any changes to your site, it's always recommended to backup your site, so that you can restore it in case anything goes wrong.

Also, it's a good practice to test any changes on a development or staging site before making them on a live site, that way you can test and undo changes before they go live.

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