Installing Windows on Your VPS Using VirtIO Drivers

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Introduction: Installing Windows on a virtual private server (VPS) can be enhanced by using VirtIO drivers, which optimize performance and ensure smooth operation. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of installing Windows on your VPS while leveraging VirtIO drivers for optimal results.

Prerequisites: Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • Access to your VPS's client area.
  • A Windows ISO image for installation.
  • VirtIO driver ISO image for enhanced compatibility.

Step 1: Mounting Windows ISO and Starting Installation:

  1. Access your VPS's client area and mount the Windows ISO image.
  2. Begin the installation process by booting from the mounted Windows ISO.

Step 2: Switching to VirtIO Drivers During Installation:

  1. During the Windows setup, when you reach the disk selection window, unmount the Windows ISO that you used for installation.
  2. Mount the VirtIO driver ISO ("VirtIO-win...") from the same client area.

Step 3: Loading VirtIO Drivers:

  1. In the disk selection window, click on "Load Driver."
  2. Browse and navigate to the "vioscsi" folder within the VirtIO ISO image.
  3. Choose the "amd64" folder and click "OK."
  4. Click "Next" to see the disk detected. Do not proceed to the next step yet.

Step 4: Reverting to Windows ISO:

  1. Return to your client area and unmount the VirtIO driver ISO that you mounted in Step 2.
  2. Re-mount the original Windows ISO image that you initially used.

Step 5: Formatting and Disk Selection:

  1. Go back to the disk selection window in the Windows setup.
  2. Format all existing partitions on the disk.
  3. Select the disk where you want to install Windows.

Step 6: Completing the Setup:

  1. Proceed with the installation process as usual.
  2. Windows will be installed on the selected disk with the benefit of VirtIO drivers.

Final Steps for Driver Updates:

  1. After Windows installation is complete, unmount the Windows ISO.
  2. Re-mount the VirtIO driver ISO to update drivers, especially for network compatibility.

Conclusion: By following these steps, you've successfully installed Windows on your VPS while leveraging VirtIO drivers. This approach enhances compatibility and performance, ensuring your Windows installation operates optimally in the virtualized environment.

NOTE: These steps applied to VPS DE and VPS ML only.

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